Meet our experts…

Between us we have visited every hotel, every cottage, every villa on every island. We have been to the bars and restaurants too – and the sights and attractions – done the hikes, been on the boats, shopped in the mini-markets and met the locals . . .

Gerry Copsey – Chairman

More than 30 years in the travel business now and I enjoy it just as much as I ever did.  We really do have delightful clients and it is such a pleasure to deal with them – it is a privilege to have the trust of so many repeat guests who come back to us again and again. It is also very satisfying to be running a business which is contributing to the economic development of the beautiful islands we deal with and the charming people who live and work in them.

I have been very fortunate to visit the Caribbean so much and I am often asked which is my favourite island? Impossible to say but as I travel around I am constantly reminded of the amazing diversity these isalnds have and that each one is so very different from the other – which makes it so interesting to see them all.

Many seasoned Caribbean travellers describe St Lucia as the most beautiful of all the islands and it is hard to argue with that.  It is also true to say that some of the settings of the hotels we offer, with views of the incredible pitons – would rival any hotel in the Caribbean.  Wherever you stay in St Lucia you are never far from an idyllic spot for a cool sundowner amongst friendly folk.

Janet Copsey – Director

Ours is a family business and we love working with smaller hotels that have the same ideals about customer service and also the personal touches – which our clients love.  I share Gerry’s affection for St Lucia and I agree that the island has some of the most amazing scenery in the whole of the Caribbean.

I have visited so many of the islands in the last 20 years and I have happy memories of all of them.  I was born by the sea in North Wales so I am drawn to beaches everywhere and I have particularly strong memories of a glass of champagne on my birthday which I sipped on the deck just above the waves at Cap Maison in the north of St Lucia – unforgettable.



Mandy Burten – Managing Director

My love of the Caribbean islands began many years ago when I worked for a large UK tour operator, living and working in places such as Dominican Republic, Margarita Island (Venezuela) and the Pacific coast of Mexico.  After 10 years overseas I returned to the UK and continued to work in the industry as a travel agent but it was a lucky day when I discovered the “Just Grenada Group” in 2005!  I really love being part of a small specialist company where there is so much attention to detail.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge and customer service, plus, we are really lucky to have so many loyal clients, many of whom have now travelled to all our destinations!

I have made many visits to St Lucia now and have totally fallen in love with the island – it is so lush and tropical – you can literally stay within arms reach of the rainforest –  and the scenery is so dramatic. I will never tire of seeing the volcanic pitons , they are so impressive and my plan is to hike Gros Piton on my next visit!

Belinda Brendon – Holiday expert

Since taking a Freddie Laker flight in the 70’s I have been hooked on travel and I love to travel to new places. At the ‘Just Grenada Group’ we have used our previous experience to research and explore St.Lucia so that we can offer our clients the perfect selection of accommodation. The island has so much to offer – the fabulous Pitons, rainforest, plantations and gorgeous beaches. It’s perfect for a two centre holiday yet small enough to enjoy a ‘fly and flop’ holiday if that is what you prefer. Of course I can still give you some pointers for a couple of excursions whilst on the island if you have any energy to venture further afield. As a parent of a teenage girl, I can tell you that St Lucia is the perfect place for families with older kids – spend days relaxing by the pool (with wifi!), on the beach (sometimes with wifi but not required if doing watersports!), shopping (who needs wifi) and take trek into the rainforest or up a piton (sorry you’ve got me there…).


Kate Bartlett – Administration Manager

I joined the team here in 2002 and it has been really pleasing to see the Caribbean programme develop and grow as we have added more and more islands to the Just St Lucia Group.  My main role is overseeing the administration of holiday arrangements, but I also love arranging holidays for clients using my knowledge of the islands that I have visited. In an age where lots of people just want to click a mouse to arrange their lives, it is nice to find so many people who would rather talk to a real person with knowledge – especially about something so important as a big holiday.

In 2015 I visited St Lucia with Mandy – what a treat! I found St Lucia to be an absolute gem, I couldn’t help but take in the sight of the Pitons at every opportunity, I found them mesmerising! The contrasts between the different Caribbean islands are much more distinct than many people realise – it makes them all so interesting but in different ways.

Laura Carpenter – Administration

I started working for the Just Grenada Group in 2012. I love being part of a team which make holiday dreams become realities. I deal with the administration of our clients’ holidays ensuring that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. It is the detail which counts so much – reserving the best seats on the plane, arranging comfortable and convenient transfers and of course making sure we reserve the very best rooms!

I love to travel and especially enjoy visiting the Caribbean. I am yet to visit St Lucia but from listening to my colleagues tales – I hear it is an incredible place to go!

Ange Ripley – Admin Assistant

I joined Planos Holidays in 2002 and worked on the administration of holidays to the Greek island of Paxos. I really enjoyed being part of the travel industry but left in 2006 to have my children – two lively young boys! I was delighted however when the opportunity arose to re-join the administration team of what is now the Just Grenada Group in 2017. It is great to see how the company has grown and evolved over the years and I’m really looking forward to getting to know the Caribbean…perhaps a visit?


Our newest addition to the team, Eddie…

One year old now and a real character. A Spaniel/Labrador cross and he has the qualities of both breeds, but being a youngster he still has occasional lapses – and the chewed computer cables and telephone wires are proof of that.

Archie RIP . . .

Our little man, who has been on every newsletter and all our websites for 14 years, has gone where the good doggies go. A faithful and constant companion who was with us for what seems like a lifetime, the office will never be quite the same – and nor will we…….  RIP little chum

Our Team on St Lucia

Our representatives in St. Lucia are The Travel Boutique, owned and run by Cleopatra (Judy) Mason.  Judy and her team will be on hand to assist you in any way possible during your stay. They will arrange courteous drivers to meet you at the airport to take you to your chosen hotel and Judy often conducts departure transfers personally.

Judy is assisted by a wonderful team of talented travel professionals and they will be available throughout your stay to assist you and to advise you about ways in which to get the most out of your holiday. They organise an excellent range of tours and trips and we will send you details of these excursions with your travel documents. You can see more detailed information by looking at

In the unlikely event of anything going wrong during your stay the staff at The Travel Boutique will be your first point of contact – they will give you 24-hour contact phone numbers when you arrive at the airport.

If you are staying in the north of the island one of the team will arrange to meet with you, usually the day after your arrival, however, as the local office is based in Castries if you are staying at one of our hotels in the south west, contact will usually be made by telephone.  We encourage you to call the office with any questions you may have or to arrange any tours etc but also bear in mind that your hotel staff will be more than happy to help with local information and tours.


Pack for a Purpose

We are delighted to be a supporter of this excellent charity. It is so simple – when you are packing for your holiday, just pack a small bag with things that are desperately needed by charities in the islands – light things like pens and pencils, soft toys etc are especially welcome in the children’s homes – and it can be collected from you at the airport. It is really easy for you to help – ring us for full details.pack for a purpose logo


We’ve partnered up with Water-to-Go in hope of reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles by offering our clients a 15% discount on filtered water bottles.  Water-to-Go will donate a further 15% from these sales to our chosen charities.  Click here to obtain your discount code and to read more about Water-to-Go, their products and how they work.